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Voluntourism dollars misused, orphanages abuse children

Nepal children

Voluntourism is when tourists visit poor nations to help other people and children overcome poverty. Of late, voluntourism dollars have been put to nefarious use. There is no one straight way about this. So called organizations that are NGO’s or Children based institutions abuse children and do not really use the dollars to the betterment of children. Rather these orphanages collect children from cities with promises made to parents that their children will be taken good care of, and education given. Then, these children are passed off as orphans. Volunteers from other nations donate dollars to the institution not knowing the actual history or background of the child. The children see no actual benefits passed down to them. Rather, they are abused and harshly treated. Some people even have started trafficking children to child predators. Police raids in these nations have caught many pedophiles and arrested them, including the organization owners.

Happy Children Happy World condemns these acts of crime being perpetrated against innocent children. We believe in a good future for children. We believe in our vision and our mission statement. (See About Us page).

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