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In an Ideal World

In an ideal world, Children will have a happy childhood. Is this possible?  Yes. If adults can put their differences aside, stop warring with each other and make this planet a planet of peace, where kids can grow up safe and secure, without witnessing violence, abuse and bloodshed. Kids need love and the absence of poverty to grow up as responsible citizens. When they look back they should remember memories of a happy childhood. Every child requires a basic education, shelter, nutritious food including fruits, clean water to drink and bathe, medicine for his / her healthcare when they fall sick, shoes to wear and games to play. These are necessities to develop their mind and stay healthy on their course to becoming responsible adults.

Every child requires a safe environment.

Every child requires a safe environment.  Photo credit: Sushree.

A safe environment can only be given by each and every adult who plans on raising children. We cannot allow children to grow up in societies filled with hatred for another race or caste system. Children grow up without any preconceived notions. They learn from the elders who teach them, to share, to love and to help others. On the contrary, there are nations that teach their children to hate the rest of mankind. This form of fear and insecurity bred into the child at an early age will warp a child’s mind and make this world an unsafe place for other children.

Education! How important is it?

At Happy Children Happy World, we believe it is every child’s right to get a full BASIC education, with all equal opportunities presented to them, regardless of which nation they live in. We believe in the complete development of the mind, where the saying goes, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” coined by the Ad Council and United Negro College Fund in 1972.

We emphasize on FREE education for all children. By getting a free and equal education, every child is fully equipped to face his / her future without social discrimination of any kind. Every child must be able to face his / her tomorrows confidently and with the surety that they bring worth and value to this world, and that their contributions matter, no matter how big or small. Every child who grows up to be a healthy adult must be secure in his / her well being and not insecure about the future.

We believe that basic education gives every child the key to unlock their full potential. It helps them discover their talents and gifts they never knew they had.

Every school must be filled with happy children with happy minds, ready and willing to learn to form a better tomorrow.

Every school must be filled with happy children with happy minds, ready and willing to learn to form a better tomorrow.  Photo Credit: Sushree.

Apart from Basic Education, Happy Children Happy World believes in starting Vocational Training when each child reaches the age of 13. From planting a garden, making compost heaps, starting fish farming in small ponds (artificial or natural), raising farm animals, growing fruit gardens, growing commercial crops on designated land, basket making, sewing, making handicrafts, carpet or rug making, carpentry, food processing (making pickles or dry storage foods) kids would be given all the training they need to go into business for themselves by the time they are 18 years of age. Getting them started early helps them establish their lives when they are older. This Vocational Training beats begging on the streets or being engaged in illegal activities, going to jail and living a life of shame, abuse and societal neglect.

All the products that are made by children will be showcased in showrooms and sold. The profits reaped will be sown back into the non-profit organization to expand and help more children who are living on the streets, who go hungry and who beg for a living daily.

Select children based on their learning acumen will be encouraged to go study in college to help them take professional degree courses.  By doing so, Happy Children Happy World will be providing these children the opportunity to study further, for ALL those children who show true interest in wanting to get a college or university degree. The remaining children can learn some form of business or commercial farming for profit generation and re-investing those profits back into Happy Children Happy World to help wipe out Child poverty totally.

Good Health!

Children in developing nations are far from good health. Even in the United States of America many children with single parents and abandoned children (living in foster homes) are not being well cared for. Many are malnourished and emaciated.  These facts below are true and have been verified by WHO (World Health Organization) and UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) two of the largest organizations that help children on a daily basis. But they cannot do it alone.

1 child dies every 10 seconds due to lack of food.

1 child dies every 60 seconds due to Malaria.

Every year 3 million children die due to environment related diseases (lack of clean air, dirty drinking water, high levels of pollution)

Acute respiratory conditions kill almost 1.6 million children around the world for the lack of proper treatment and medicines on the right time.

Diarrhea claims the lives of 1.5 million children every year due to the lack of proper hydration and lack of clean water in many nations.

The fact list of illnesses that children face daily is unending.

 Happy Children Happy World wants to make Good Health one of the top priorities for each and every child we come in contact with. We will provide FREE medical care by hiring doctors and nurses to take care of children.  From providing basic health care and medicines to completing Cleft lip and other complicated surgeries, we plan to help each and every child live longer and better, fuller lives. We also focus on proper mental health of each and every child by providing role model mentors and proper counseling as children grown up during their teen years to adult hood.

Stopping Forced Child Labor

In many developing nations, parents force their children to do hard labor under the hot sun to help their families earn money to feed the entire family which may consist in excess of 4 children per family.  Some children are sold as slaves to rich landlords for menial labor. These children are sometimes beaten and verbally abused because they come from the poorest of conditions and in most cases these children are treated like animals.

In other cases children are forced to look for jobs themselves. They rummage through trash landfills looking for recyclables. They do this from morning to evening to earn a dollar a day, sometimes even lesser than that. Many of these children get sick due to the conditions they work in. In many cases their feet get cut and infected because they don’t have the money to buy shoes.

This girl does not belong to any circus but has trained to walk the tight rope so that she and her family can earn enough to have a bite to eat before they sleep out in the open.

This girl does not belong to any circus but has trained to walk the tight rope so that she and her family can earn enough to have a bite to eat before they sleep out in the open.   Photo Credit: Sushree.

Happy Children Happy World aims to make this world a safer place for children. By working in tandem with governmental agencies and other NGO’s (Non-governmental organizations) we plan to help each child, to give each child the chance to restore their life and childhood, proper counseling, and the ability to rehabilitate into normal surroundings with other kids, seeking a strong support system by educating all children to be kind to these children who have come out of harsh conditions into normal life.

Troubled Teens

Due to harsh conditions in life, children are subjected to unfair conditions around the world. Growing up with unhappiness in their mind, having seen violence, verbal and physical abuse, these children grow up into troubled teens. They have problems adjusting with normal members of the society and have hatred in their minds, wanting revenge or the feeling to get back at someone or the public for the ways they were treated in their childhood. Such feelings of resentment actually cause teens to lash out in bitterness toward anyone without considering the consequences of their actions. Life in society gets disrupted because of their behavior. Kids also get shunted from foster family to family and this affects their mental growth and the need for stability is next to none.

Happy Children Happy World will aim to offer troubled teens relief in every way possible. From offering meaningful classes to parents on how to handle their children during their teen years, training adults how to address issues of abandonment to teens, how to gently help restore teens by being role models and mentors, we plan on offering Complete Restoration Programs to help teenagers with their problems – be it family or society generated.

From dealing with their addictions to alcohol, to drugs, to tobacco, Happy Children Happy World will help with Free counseling sessions, employing certified counselors to help such troubled teenagers out of their situations.

21,000 Children die everyday. That is 1 child every 4 seconds or 14 children every minute.
By the time you took to read these two sentences, 2 more children somewhere in this world have died.
The clock is ticking. Hunger, Malnutrition, Starvation, Poverty, Disease are all issues that can be eradicated if we as humans take the time to care for the less fortunate.
Hunger can make you do strange things
A kid in Bangladesh drinks dog's milk due to extreme starvation. Courtesy: Happy Children_ Happy World ? group.

A kid in Bangladesh drinks dog’s milk due to extreme starvation.  Photo Courtesy: Happy Children_ Happy World ? group.

This boy in this photograph is willing to drink directly from the teats of a dog to satisfy his hunger.  To what extremes would anyone go to satisfy their hunger? How about our children? Would we want our children to face this extremity?

The Lesson of Sharing… sadly forgotten!


Would we want our children lying on the street, neglected, forsaken, hungry, malnourished and near coma state?

Would we want our children lying on the street, neglected, forsaken, hungry, malnourished and near coma state?

Click on the above photo to enlarge.  Photo Courtesy: Happy Children_ Happy World ? group.

 From a small age, we are taught by our parents to Share. If another kid does not have, then share what you have with them.

Where did adults forget this wonderful lesson of sharing? How did this world get to where it is today? A place where kids are abandoned, forsaken, left to die, uncared for, all alone on the streets.

Here’s a story by Nathan Vanderklippe that we thought makes for powerful reading written for the Globe and Mail. Click on the link below:

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 Cost of Living per Child (Monthly expenses)

Cost Monthly
Shoes  School & Home $25.00
Clothes  Uniform & Home $25.00
Food 3 meals a day $225.00
Shelter A Safe place to live daily $75.00
  *calculated based on exchange rates in South Asia and East Asian nations, South America based on communal living situations which reduces cost of living drastically and makes it economically viable. Items like shoes, clothes are expenses that are checked upon quarterly. Excess savings are used to buy shoes for other homeless children, thereby reducing the cost per child to $5 per pair of shoes monthly.


WATER CRISIS – Clean Water is a Necessity

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30,000 children die daily, deaths from preventable causes.

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72 million children do not receive any education.

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1.1 Billion children live in poverty across the world.

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5 Million children die each year due to hunger and malnutrition.