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Report – November 2015 – Two children helped with Healthcare costs

Isa Maria 1 copy

At Happy Children Happy World, we are glad to report that we were able to help two girls in September – October 2015.  We were able to make available much-needed funds to help these children.  Both of them are under ten years of age. Their parents struggle with little to no income.


Isa Maria 1 copy Isa Maria 2 copy

The back story of her medical condition:

She is suffering from leukaemia and she has taken two cycles of chemotherapy and has to undergo bone marrow transplant.

Family situation:

She is from an average family and her father is the only source of income in her family.

How the donation helped:

The money ( Rs. 27000 or $421.87 ) helped Isa Maria to go through her second chemotherapy.  Her outcome is presently unknown.

If you wish to donate to Isa Maria, please do so and email us at: contact@happychildrenhappyworld.org  once you have donated a set amount. Thank you.






Angali Mishra

The back story of her medical condition:

She has a genetic problem. Her fingers were not separated by birth and she had to undergo several surgeries to separate her fingers on both hands. Now she has undergone surgery on her left hand.

Family situation:

As per the caste system in India, which is sadly still prevalent, she belongs to the high caste. But her father does not have any job and no regular income. Therefore, her life is difficult due to the fact that she is born in a poor family.

How the donation helped:

The money we donated to Angali Mishra ( Rs. 33000 or $515.62 ) helped her to get the much-needed hand surgery.

If you want to help Angali Mishra get much-needed treatment and go forward in life,  please consider making a donation.


Total Expenses: Rs 59,999.68 or $937.49 for Healthcare costs toward these two children to help them overcome their difficulties.

Report Compiled by Rev. Father J. Philip, Vellore, India.

Currency exchange value $1 = Rs 64 at the time of helping these two children (this value fluctuates daily, based on economic and market conditions).

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