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To make this planet a safe place for children, the adults who are at war with each other in disagreeing nations have to be educated. It seems that the adults are the ones who are causing turmoil on this planet by creating wars that children become a part of. In many nations children and the youth have lost their limbs by stepping on old, buried, but active land mines. The world’s nations that are poor are constantly at war with each other. Why is this?

1. Lack of education.

2. Lack of jobs and proper income.

3. Lack of opportunities.

4. Imbalance in the society between the haves and have nots.

5. Corruption in society.

6. Lack of Infrastructure.

7. Lack of basic needs and facilities.

You will see that the primary need – education is lacking. Without education the other 6 aspects cannot be created. Basic education is a must.  Carrying forward the message of education is something that we have to carry far and wide, must like how Coca-Cola achieved its distribution system to the farthest regions and corners of the world.

What lessons can we take from Coca-Cola? the giant soft drink manufacturer and distributor. Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates of the Gates Foundation, gives her insights as to how we all have something to learn from what Coca-Cola has achieved in growing their business – reach out to every individual locally and implant in them the desire to do good for their society.

To educate each and every child must be our goal. The distribution system of education has failed this world. Not every child gets an equal footing / opportunity in this world because the Education System is broken.

Although the system is broken, the system can be fixed and made alright.

Greed and money grabbing tendencies in adults can be curbed if each adult were educated and given better opportunities to live a proper life without lack.

In turn, they would take it upon themselves to provide their children with a balanced and equalized world, free of hatred, greed, corruption and violence through war and the local mafia systems that hold this world in their power.

Coca-Cola’s slogan is: Open Happiness.

Our goal for each child is: Live Happiness – growing up as a child.

Let us make this world a safer place for each and every child, irrespective of which nation they are from. Every child deserves to live a happy childhood growing up.


About Author: creativeadsforyou@yahoo.com

Happy Children Happy World is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization aimed at helping children living in poverty here in North America and other countries like Philippines, India, South East Asia, South America and other smaller island nations. We are here to help get children off the streets and give them their dignity back by restoring their childhood.