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Homeless Teens face barriers to education

A young boy about age 15 carries mud to a construction site.  Photo: Sushree

Homelessness is terrifying. Especially when it comes to children, growing teenagers, such instability can be paralyzing mentally and physically. They face the harshest uncertainties growing up and facing the real world without a support system – where parents have abandoned them and they are crutching along on a broken down Foster Care system, the paralysis these children undergo is complete.

Children require stability to guide them through their life if they are meant to achieve a full completion in their education. When the mind is distracted, and this term distracted is not the right word. What each homeless teen faces is a paralytic shock each time some event occurs due to the situation of being homeless. Their tomorrows are not secure, let alone today. This uncertainty that tomorrow may bring something worse, keeps their minds racing with anxiety, sickness and worry. Other teens give in to the loss by depending on drugs, alcohol, smoking and indulging in momentary pleasures to dull their pain.

What children do to cope their instability and loss of identity can be surprising, even shocking. They constantly face and know this that the Society does not want them. True there are kind souls out there who want to lend a helping hand, but until such time that these teens have met these kind souls, their tomorrows remain in question, in constant doubt. They cannot, simply cannot focus on education, let alone understand why education is an important facet of their lives. There are no role models to follow, no parent to imitate, no successful elders to show them the way. So they accept what they see, mediocrity, defeat and their punishment of rejection is too great a cross to bear, let alone carry.

They willfully succumb to their societal pressures by joining gangs and becoming destructive and hurtful, malicious, deviant and hardcore.  They want to wreak revenge on society that has so hatefully abandoned them. These are the thoughts that run across a scared teenager’s mind. They are so longing for acceptance, love and unconditional support. This they don’t get and see coming from any corner of society. This lack of support, love and constant neglect worries them to no end. Then they are at a loss and want to hurt the society that they are raised in. It is time that we as a society turn this situation around and cater to the need of teenagers, their wants and their immediate desire to be accepted and wanted.

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Happy Children Happy World would like to address this situation by developing a 3 point program for teenagers.

1. Identify troubled teenagers who are placed in a failing foster home care.

2. Arrange for a meeting with their foster parents and teenagers.

3. Provide ongoing mentor ship and assistance to teenagers, help with role-modeling, education, upliftment and encouragement from their present situation.

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Happy Children Happy World is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization aimed at helping children living in poverty here in North America and other countries like Philippines, India, South East Asia, South America and other smaller island nations. We are here to help get children off the streets and give them their dignity back by restoring their childhood.