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Get involved globally – Leave “It’s not in our budget” out the door.

This little girl plays with a broken plastic toy in wet clay.

By Jacob David, Founder & CEO, Happy Children Happy World.

I might catch some flak for writing this. But I want to write this, get it off my chest, so that someone out there will start thinking along these lines.

Recently as Founder and CEO of Happy Children Happy World, I approached regional banks, certain airlines and some other large corporations for funding to help the poorest children  here in Houston and South Asian nations. I send them a detailed proposal and how each child could be helped for as low as $25 a month which would cover food, shelter, medicine, clean water and other daily basic needs.

The reply “It’s not in our budget,” and another stunning reply “It’s not our market area where we operate.” How selfish can that answer be? Philanthropic donations does not necessarily have to be made based on market area of operations. I sure understand how it is important to support your own community where your company is situated. I understand the finer points. But what’s the harm in helping children internationally or on a global scale?

Girl cutting brick stones another example of hard child labor.

Girl cutting brick stones another example of hard child labor.       Photo credit: Sushree, Photographer for Happy Children Happy World.

The above photograph shows a girl of 8 years old cutting bricks in the hot sun, so she can help earn literally a couple of pennies to feed her family. That is the worst kind of labor a child has to do to help out her family. She has to breathe those fine particles of dust that bricks make when they disintegrate. Who cares? No one. We at our organization care. I care. I would not want my child to do this for a living. Would you? Then why must this child be put to such an ordeal?

We at Happy Children Happy World want to train children on vocational trade.

Vocational Programs will include training children in: Handicrafts, Sewing, Art Classes – Painting and Digital Art, Graphic Design, Nursing, Food Processing, Vegetable Farming, Composting, Making Bio-gas for daily fuel use, Fish Farming, Growing Mushrooms, Growing Fruits, Raising poultry, Harvesting seed for future farm use, Plumbing, Electrical, and other courses that can train children to become independent earners and maintain their dignity for life.

This may include necessary labor, but it is going to be defined by me as “Beneficial labor,” to help that child become someone when he or she turns 18.  We will also give each child the opportunity to mentor other new children who join under our care, so that poverty can be reduced and can soon become a thing of the past. We will make sure a child can train only based on their capacity and interest to learn a vocational trade. We will also keep Safety 101 as our top priority with each vocational class we enroll children in, free of cost.

Only jobs can remove poverty. Everyone who is able bodied has to be self employed, creating with their hands so products can be bought and sold for a price. This free market trade system will help children survive. It will help them become independent earners and not resort to illegal jobs. It will benefit society and also help clean up society.

When so many multiple benefits are involved, why won’t corporations rush to help us help children?

Must every dollar be released only if it benefits that business regionally or corporately?

My solution to this problem is that Corporations have to include an International program in their budget and carefully study the proposal I send them.

They should then release the funds to help 50 children at a time. Based on the success of that pilot program and resulting promotions for that corporation, they should consider helping an additional 50 children next year. Very soon, the program would become self funded to where products will be sold and bought and the company can stop investing in those children and help new children.

Getting involved globally is the answer to removing poverty where it exists. My call is to Corporations, Regional Businesses, and Local businesses to get involved world wide. Helping a child cheat death and survive, then learn a vocational trade along with basic education is crucial if we are to win this fight against world hunger and poverty.

Visit our About Us page to know more.

To know more, call me at 281-546-8433. This is more important that you think. This is more than just mere donations. This is about saving a child’s life. Save the lives of 1,000 children and you will have saved the lives of 1,000 generations.

Get started today!  If you cannot donate or don’t have any funds to donate, can you share this page on Twitter or Facebook, Linkedin to educate others about child labor? Thank you.

We are a registered 501(c) (3) organization in Missouri City, Texas. All your contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent as permitted by the U.S Tax laws.

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