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Why the children in this world could use your donation!

Over 1 billion children live in poverty.  Over 22,000 children die daily according to UNICEF.  About 400 million children lack access to clean drinking water.  Children are deprived of the very basic necessities of life. Many children do not even get one meal a day. Many of them drink filthy water, polluted and infested with germs. Many kids get worms in their stomach and die due to the fact their parents or relatives have no money to buy medicines and cure what is curable. Many children don’t wear clothes or lack clean clothes. Many children don’t have shoes to wear and walk bare foot, often times their feet getting torn or infected by cuts due to stepping on wild thorns, sharp rocks, shards of glass or nails unseen, disposable syringes, or getting stung by ants or scorpions or snakes.

Kids collecting recyclables in a trash landfill.
Kids collecting recyclables in a trash landfill.   Photo Credit: Sushree.

Children are exposed to all kinds of harsh environments. They work for a living as early as 5 years old working in unbearable heat, cutting brick stones, picking through trash heaps, and doing jobs that normally adults do.  Children lose their childhood in the process of working to help their parents earn a living.  They still miss the bare necessities of life no matter how hard they work.

Girl cutting brick stones another example of hard child labor.

Girl cutting brick stones another example of hard child labor.   Photo Credit: Sushree.

What every child needs:

Millions of children are homeless, living on the streets.  Many children beg for a living. Every child requires basic necessities to live their lives.

1. Three meals daily with fresh vegetables, meat / fish, eggs, and milk.

2. Decent shelter to live in security.

3. Medicines and health care as needed, when a child gets sick.  Yearly health check ups.

4. Books, pencils and note books, plus school fees to get a good education.

5. Sports equipment to play, sweat, and have a healthy body.

6. Clothes to wear.

7. Be able to participate in group events like field trips / outings held by the school.

8. Shoes to wear (at least 2 – 3 pairs) one for school and one for sports.

9. The ability to feel wanted and accepted when the child’s birthday is celebrated.

10. The ability to have friends to grow up with, develop social skills whilst creating memories together.

11. Clean toilets and bathrooms. Many nations lack these types of facilities.

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