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Ways you can give

Seven children playing in the park.

There are many ways you can plan to give to help Happy Children Happy World reach more children daily.  With over 22,000 children dying daily (UNICEF report) it has never become clearer and more urgent to help stop the meaningless deaths of children around this world.

1. Individual donations given regularly, a fixed amount on a monthly basis helps impact children’s lives daily.

2. Businesses can donate one time a year or donate monthly or quarterly  to reach children across the world.

3. Corporations can grant funds or donations, products and services with a dollar value tag to them, to helping children here in America and across the globe.

4. Matching gifts from Corporates or individuals are a great way to empower children greatly on a daily basis. The need has never been more urgent!

5. Gifts in kind which can help children directly – medicines, shoes, clothes, books, school stuff, by helping us ship it to the place of need to reach and impact children directly.

Because of the currency exchange value, your dollar donated will stretch and help more kids as needed.

Happy Children Happy World aims to help children here in America, South America, South East Asia and possibly Africa.

How we use your dollar responsibly:

When $1 is donated to Happy Children Happy World:

We use just 15¢ of that dollar directly for fundraising and administrative costs.

That 15¢ subtracted from each $1 you donate leaves us with 85¢.

Instead of sending 85¢ to help children, we send 70¢ directly to the nations where children need immediate help. Then we invest 30¢ collectively into our system and staff so we can accept, procure, and distribute corporate donations, large private donations, and government grants.

For every 30¢ invested, we aim to receive double or 60¢ worth of goods, funds, and grants!

With 70¢ of goods, funds, and grants sent to help children in poor nations, combined with the 60¢ of cash raised from corporate donations, each dollar you invest with us actually brings $1.30 to $1.40 worth of money value to help the children we support on a daily basis.

What can you sacrifice to give the Children:

As Adults, we have the choice to make or unmake thousands of decisions daily.

1. Should I buy extra grocery and let it go to waste, throw it away?

2. Should I buy an expensive cup of coffee daily or make fresh brewed at home?

3. Should I buy that expensive gadget? Or can it really wait?

4. Should I skip a meal once every 3 days?

5. Should I skip an expensive cruise?

6. Should I save power by using my lights and fans, my air-conditioner only when needed?

7. Should I conserve energy by washing laundry in an organized fashion once in 2 weeks?

8. Should I buy too many sodas and stock them up?

9. Should I hoard food for no reason?

10. Should I just drive around the city, visit night clubs and bars, make toasts and get wasted?

11. Should I watch a movie at the theater tonight or rent it for $1 later?

12. Should I dine at expensive, fancy restaurants, each week?

These are  just 12 suggestions that help curb your budget and spending. What money you save can be tremendous. A portion of the money you SAVE can be set aside to donate to Happy Children Happy World.


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