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Poverty Children

Normally, Children really don’t ask for much. They are content with the life they are provided. Even in harsh realities, children have no voice. That is why we adults have to become their voice – to imbibe every child with a happy life, with justice and fulfillment.

Rights of a Child:

  1. The Right for a Child to have a happy childhood.
  2. The Right for a Child to have a basic education.
  3. The Right for a Child not to work.
  4. The Right for a Child to be loved and nurtured and not be abused.
  5. The Right for a Child to be provided for, taken care of, and not be exploited.
  6. The Right for a child to have good health.

The basic needs for children to be content are:

  1. Love from parents, or elders who can be a positive role model for them on a daily basis. This nourishes their mind and soul.
  2. Food to nourish their body and grow healthy.
  3. Clean Water to drink and bathe.
  4. Clothes to wear and be proud that they belong, helps them build an identity.
  5. Shelter offers security and protection.
  6. Medicines when they fall sick, shows they have some one to care for them.
  7. Books to read and write in, these show that they can build confidence in themselves.
  8. Lasting friendships help them build a sense of community that helps them build and lead secure families when they are adults.

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