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Child Slavery in the Middle East

These children are as young as three when they are sold into slavery.  Photo courtesy: Asian Timez.

These children are as young as 3 when they are sold into slavery. Photo Courtesy: Asian Timez.

Kids as young as 3 and under 7 are being sold into slavery by parents who are dirt poor to rich Sheikhs in the Middle East. These kids are in turn put on camels to race each other which is a favorite pastime sport for these rich oil barons. Betting and gambling on these camel races are a way of life for these Sheikhs. But the kids are ill treated in ways unimaginable from the time they reach their new home in the Middle East.

1. These kids are made to live in the desert close to the racing area in poorly built shacks / tents. They endure the highest temperatures of the desert and sometimes are worked to the point of exhaustion and dehydration.

2. The camel trainers who have been appointed by the Sheikhs take poor care of these kids.  These kids are woken up at 3 AM for training daily.

3. The kids are given nothing but biscuits and water for food everyday. In most cases the kids are starved. The lighter the kid is the faster the camel, is the logic.

4. If the kids are afraid to mount a camel or be strapped in, these kids are tied up with chains and beaten till they agree to get on the camel.

5. If the kids cry for fear, they are beaten more.  Some kids have bled by the beating.

6. There is no way of escape for these children. They are trapped in this trade.

7. One kid fell off the camel and was trampled to death by other camels. He was shipped home in a coffin.

8. In many cases there are no records kept of where these kids were purchased from. So there is no way of notifying the parents if anything happens to the child.

9. Some of the camel trainers sexually abuse these younger children and threaten them to silence.

10. The paper work regarding these kids is non existent, because the Middle Eastern nations that practice this horrendous Modern Day Slavery pretend that this does not exist.

Ansar Burney a Social Activist who felt much for the plight of these children has made it his mission to steal these kids out of their misery to freedom. Watch this compelling video about the Modern Day Slavery in the Middle East – Child Camel Jockeys in the Middle East.


Most of these children are from third world slums from the poorest countries in the world like Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and other nations.

Video credit & courtesy: HBO Sports

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