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Child homelessness increases in America

poor, sad little child girl sitting against the concrete wall

Like it or not, poverty among families in America is increasing. Families are ever struggling to keep up with the economy’s recovery, while on the job front recovery is painfully slow.  The housing market has picked up once more and loans for residential homes are trickling down to qualified buyers. A majority of the non-qualified section of society are desperate to rent, even without a proper job or the right income as people need shelter for their families, especially their children.

Now with winter looming over America (this article being written on November 18, 2014) the need for shelter, heat and warmth, a cozy place to stay has become more urgent.

With housing all taken, homeless shelters full for the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, children are now faced with the risk of being homeless in America. Parents are not able to keep up with the increasing rents, as their salaries stay the same. Several families with children have single mothers. Their plight to manage children, keep food on the table and pay bills including the monthly rent is becoming harder with each increasing month. Many Single moms claim that they do not get timely Child Support checks or no help at all to make the situation better.

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Child homeless – Photo courtesy: Fotolia.

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