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Helping Children in Chennai, India affected by the flood

Happy Children Happy World has embarked upon a mission to help children who have suffered due to the recent floods in Chennai.  The city faced the worst floods in 100 years, according to historians and city officials. Two months later, the city is still on the road to recovery. Many families lost their homes. Children have suffered quite a lot due to these floods. For them, they were witnessing the first disaster of its kind. Happy Children Happy

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Child Slavery in the Middle East

These children are as young as 3 when they are sold into slavery. Photo Courtesy: Asian Timez. Kids as young as 3 and under 7 are being sold into slavery by parents who are dirt poor to rich Sheikhs in the Middle East. These kids are in turn put on camels to race each other which is a favorite pastime sport for these rich oil barons. Betting and gambling on these camel races are a way of life for these Sheikhs. But the kids are ill treated in ways

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Sharing what you have… heals you from poverty of the mind

We own material things - homes, cars, clothes, money, food, and there is an obligation, no, a mandate, to share these things with the poor.  Matthew 19:21 says "Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." This is a verse that Scott Neeson, a Hollywood executive took literally. He sold all he had, converted it to cash and founded the Cambodian

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Why the children in this world could use your donation!

Over 1 billion children live in poverty.  Over 22,000 children die daily according to UNICEF.  About 400 million children lack access to clean drinking water.  Children are deprived of the very basic necessities of life. Many children do not even get one meal a day. Many of them drink filthy water, polluted and infested with germs. Many kids get worms in their stomach and die due to the fact their parents or relatives have no money to buy medicines

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Healthcare and Sanitation for Children

Healthcare and proper Sanitation are two of the most elusive situations for Children living in poverty around the world.  In developing nations over 13 million children suffer daily from curable diseases. Many of them end up dying before the age of 5 due to the lack of medicines and basic health care. Waterborne illnesses are the major contributor to Child related deaths. Children also lack proper sanitation systems in many countries. They defecate

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