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How to increase in well doing

To make this planet a safe place for children, the adults who are at war with each other in disagreeing nations have to be educated. It seems that the adults are the ones who are causing turmoil on this planet by creating wars that children become a part of. In many nations children and the youth have lost their limbs by stepping on old, buried, but active land mines. The world's nations that are poor are constantly at war with each other. Why is

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Child Slavery in the Middle East
These children are as young as three when they are sold into slavery.  Photo courtesy: Asian Timez.

These children are as young as 3 when they are sold into slavery. Photo Courtesy: Asian Timez. Kids as young as 3 and under 7 are being sold into slavery by parents who are dirt poor to rich Sheikhs in the Middle East. These kids are in turn put on camels to race each other which is a favorite pastime sport for these rich oil barons. Betting and gambling on these camel races are a way of life for these Sheikhs. But the kids are ill treated in ways

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Child homelessness increases in America
poor, sad little child girl sitting against the concrete wall

Like it or not, poverty among families in America is increasing. Families are ever struggling to keep up with the economy's recovery, while on the job front recovery is painfully slow.  The housing market has picked up once more and loans for residential homes are trickling down to qualified buyers. A majority of the non-qualified section of society are desperate to rent, even without a proper job or the right income as people need shelter for their

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A Corporate approach to tackling poverty
Would we want our children lying on the street, neglected, forsaken, hungry, malnourished and near coma state?

Poverty has continued to dog humanity forever. Like it or not, people seem to never get out of poverty. Many plans and strategies have come and gone, yet poverty remains. True the situation has gotten better, poverty has been alleviated, but it cannot explain the near 1 billion children who still live in poverty.  That fact is startling and stares us daily in our faces. Poverty comes in many different forms. Poverty means lack of "any material substance." 

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Homeless Teens face barriers to education
A young boy about age 15 carries mud to a construction site.  Photo: Sushree

Homelessness is terrifying. Especially when it comes to children, growing teenagers, such instability can be paralyzing mentally and physically. They face the harshest uncertainties growing up and facing the real world without a support system - where parents have abandoned them and they are crutching along on a broken down Foster Care system, the paralysis these children undergo is complete. Children require stability to guide them through their

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Sharing what you have… heals you from poverty of the mind
DSCN4546 Boy smiling

We own material things - homes, cars, clothes, money, food, and there is an obligation, no, a mandate, to share these things with the poor.  Matthew 19:21 says "Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." This is a verse that Scott Neeson, a Hollywood executive took literally. He sold all he had, converted it to cash and founded the Cambodian

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Children in Developing Nations
DSCN4556 Two schoolgirls smile

[caption id="attachment_168" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] A young boy about age 13 carries mud to a construction site. Photo: Sushree[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_167" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] A young boy about age 14 carries mud to a construction site. Such children stay back to work and earn a living due to extreme poverty. They cannot afford to go to school. Photo: Sushree.[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_166"

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