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Helping Children in Chennai, India affected by the flood
Chennai: People wade through flood waters  in rain-hit Chennai on Thursday. PTI Photo

Happy Children Happy World has embarked upon a mission to help children who have suffered due to the recent floods in Chennai.  The city faced the worst floods in 100 years, according to historians and city officials. Two months later, the city is still on the road to recovery. Many families lost their homes. Children have suffered quite a lot due to these floods. For them, they were witnessing the first disaster of its kind. Happy Children Happy

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Voluntourism dollars misused, orphanages abuse children
Nepal children

Voluntourism is when tourists visit poor nations to help other people and children overcome poverty. Of late, voluntourism dollars have been put to nefarious use. There is no one straight way about this. So called organizations that are NGO's or Children based institutions abuse children and do not really use the dollars to the betterment of children. Rather these orphanages collect children from cities with promises made to parents that their children

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Report – November 2015 – Two children helped with Healthcare costs
Isa Maria 1 copy

At Happy Children Happy World, we are glad to report that we were able to help two girls in September - October 2015.  We were able to make available much-needed funds to help these children.  Both of them are under ten years of age. Their parents struggle with little to no income. NAME: ISA MARIA, AGE: TEN YEARS OLD, MULLURKARA, THRISSUR, KERALA The back story of her medical condition: She is suffering from leukaemia and she has taken two cycles

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Get involved globally – Leave “It’s not in our budget” out the door.
This little girl plays with a broken plastic toy in wet clay.

By Jacob David, Founder & CEO, Happy Children Happy World. I might catch some flak for writing this. But I want to write this, get it off my chest, so that someone out there will start thinking along these lines. Recently as Founder and CEO of Happy Children Happy World, I approached regional banks, certain airlines and some other large corporations for funding to help the poorest children  here in Houston and South Asian nations. I send them

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Fundraiser – Garage Sale
Garage sale October 24, 2015 to help raise funds for helping children.

We are planning a garage sale to be held October 24, 2015.  The venue will most likely be 623 S. Marathon Way, Stafford, Texas 77477. We have a lot of items from clothes to toys and kitchen utensils. This garage sale will help us raise funds to help children and further our mission that all children get equal opportunities to come up in life. [caption id="attachment_502" align="alignnone" width="900"] Garage Sale[/caption] REQUEST for HOUSEHOLD

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Working with NGOs in Pudhucherry, India – A Report

By Jacob David PUDHUCHERRY - In April en route to see my parents in Pondichery, India, I decided to use over half of my vacation to work with two NGOs. Way before April, in January 2015 I had inquired about NGOs and found that there were two that stood out among many others that did take care of younger children. These children were primarily between the ages of 1 - 15 years. Sisters of Charity Home by Mother Theresa's group:   Just a mile from

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Happy Children Happy World Non Profit Officially Launched
The banner for Happy Children Happy World highlighting Child Labor and injustices being done to children across the world.

Pearland, Texas - Happy Children Happy World (.org) a 501 (c) (3) non profit that aims to empower children to a brighter future, held its launch event on Sunday, May 31, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Pearland. Started in August of 2014, Founder & CEO Jacob David said, “All great things have humble beginnings.” Van Truong Ly, a Director of the Board also spoke of his birth in Saigon, Vietnam where he survived dire poverty living in a family

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Launch Event – Happy Children Happy World
HCHW Invite eblast launch event


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Ways you can give
Seven children playing in the park.

There are many ways you can plan to give to help Happy Children Happy World reach more children daily.  With over 22,000 children dying daily (UNICEF report) it has never become clearer and more urgent to help stop the meaningless deaths of children around this world. 1. Individual donations given regularly, a fixed amount on a monthly basis helps impact children's lives daily. 2. Businesses can donate one time a year or donate monthly or quarterly 

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Our Philosophy: Happy Children Happy World
Poverty Children

Normally, Children really don’t ask for much. They are content with the life they are provided. Even in harsh realities, children have no voice. That is why we adults have to become their voice – to imbibe every child with a happy life, with justice and fulfillment. Rights of a Child: The Right for a Child to have a happy childhood. The Right for a Child to have a basic education. The Right for a Child not to work. The Right for a Child to be

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