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Our Guiding Principles

We follow these guiding principles to get the job done and fulfill our vision, step by step, day by day:

We know that what we believe in will help each and every child on this planet. We hope to someday impact every child on this planet.

1. We conduct our non-profit dealings with integrity. We are honored when people decide to donate to our charity for this reason. All our dollars are accounted for. 88% of our donations directly go to meet the needs of children. 7% of the donations go to educate the public about the injustices children face so we can raise more funds to get the job done. 5% goes toward administration costs, each expense approved and carefully accounted for by our board.

2. We are committed to the welfare of every child on planet earth. We practice equality when it comes to helping children here in the United States of America and the rest of the world. Our non-profit believes in leveling the field for each child we come in contact with. We want every child to have their basic needs met, have a basic education, healthcare, sanitation, and as they grow their higher education needs met through college or vocational training, given in fields that he / she is interested in.

3. We believe EDUCATION is the key to removing poverty from society. We believe that all children must get a basic education followed by the choice to attend college or take up vocational training. When it comes to Vocational Training, we want every child to get the opportunity to train in 3 – 5 multiple fields, be it Farming – Agriculture, Plumbing, Electrical, Fish Farming, Auto Mechanic, Poultry Raising, Food Processing, Sewing, Handicrafts, Construction, Architecture and many more. Learning and knowing multiple trades will allow them to become Independent Earners, PLUS mentor other children down the line.

4. We are committed to training every child to become a global citizen in the truest sense. From teaching children a minimum of four to six world languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi, we would like every child to have access to a world class education to face global challenges and tackle them successfully and confidently.

5. We are committed to ending Child labor in the long run. By educating families in backward areas and providing them the resources to take care of their children, we plan to help each and every child. We are more invested in the future of the girl child and make sure that we as a non-profit organization do all we can to empower each girl child’s future and make it bright.

6. Increasing access to basic healthcare for children will be our ongoing top priority. A healthy body holds a sound mind. We will work hand in glove with several associations, organizations, corporations to make sure that the need of every child is met globally, where we reach and operate.

7. We believe in getting children ready for life. We will constantly invite screened and qualified mentors to train children in different aspects to train children for Real life opportunities. We will invite employees of Corporations, associations, and organizations to become mentors for as long as they want to invest time in children.

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