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Jacob DavidJacob David, Founder, Happy Children Happy World is from India. Having settled in Houston, Texas, Jacob David’s passion is to help children across the world. He has been doing so ever since he got his first job in 1995, by donating to organizations that help children across the world. In wanting to help children directly in line with his passion, he started laying the groundwork to form his own charity. Jacob David is an English Major graduate from the University of Houston in 2002. He has also worked in the Marketing and Advertising industry for 10 years. He loves graphic design and desktop publishing. He practices Residential and Commercial Real Estate here in Houston.  He has one son.

van ly.1(1) small  Van Trong Ly is a hardworking individual, doing Leadership at the Sysco Foods Service Company. He also believes in the vision of helping children in poverty living in different nations.  Coming from Vietnam, he has seen the poorest living conditions in his home town. He has never forgotten his roots and encourages his three children to converse with him in Vietnamese.  Van Ly is always on the search for ‘betterment of Self’.  He lives with his beautiful wife and 3 children in Houston, Texas.

Tiju Thomas

  Tiju Thomas was born in India. He completed his school education, got his bachelors and masters degree from India. After  completing his Masters degree from Mahatma Gandhi University, he worked in the Social services unit of the United Nations in New Delhi, India. At the United Nations he came across people from different nations who came to India seeking asylum. He had the  opportunity to interact with people of all ages. He visited the houses of people for whom the United Nations were supporting financially, medically and educationally. During these home visits families shared their life stories of their struggles. He noticed that the children of these refugees were the most affected. Some had come from war stricken countries while others had fled from persecution. After his marriage he moved to Houston, Texas. He has been involved in charitable works since his childhood. He has been an avid supporter of the Christian Children’s Fund, United Nations Endorsed Charitable Projects, and local community services belonging to different faiths. He strongly believes that all children need to feel safe and secure, well fed, well clothed, healthy and loved, regardless of their faith, nationality, color, gender or socio-economic  status. With the right guidance,  a good education, they have the potential to become an integral part of a great family, society and a great world. His wife and his two children support him with all his charitable projects.


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Happy Children Happy World is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization aimed at helping children living in poverty here in North America and other countries like Philippines, India, South East Asia, South America and other smaller island nations. We are here to help get children off the streets and give them their dignity back by restoring their childhood.

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