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Happy Children Happy World is a 501 (C) (3) tax exempt, non-profit organization to help children out of poverty from ages 0 – 18 years of age, starting here in the United States, spanning across the world from South America to India, Philippines, other South East Asian nations and islands. We are based in Houston, Texas. Jacob David is the Founder and CEO of this non-profit organization. We plan to help children who live in poverty, with or without parents, single parents, orphans and those who kids live on the streets. We will focus exclusively on children and help them based on their immediate situation and need. Our non-profit will be transparent in its administration and financials. We will be good stewards of the money you entrust us. 88% of the money will be used to help children across the world, based on a priorities and necessities basis. 7% will be used to educate and raise awareness of the plight that children go through. 5% will be used for administrative expenses. HCHW_Logo_transparent

WHAT’S HAPPY CHILDREN HAPPY WORLD ALL ABOUT? Happy Children Happy World is a non-profit that aims to change the lives of children directly, where the impact will be greater and directly focused on children in poverty, who desperately need help.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to get children off the streets and give them a life, meeting all their basic necessities, till they become 18 years of age. We will also provide vocational training to help them find a way of life, become independent earners, have and maintain dignity for life.

Our Aim:  Our aim is to make this world a safer place for children. A place where children can live without worries and their needs are met; where a sense of belonging is created for the many million children who don’t have families, father or mother.  We aim to educate each child and also provide them with vocational training so that they can have a trade to depend on when they grow to become adults they can do respectful trade and business to earn their livelihood.

Jacob David CEO’s Statement: “My main passion is to help children.” Jacob DavidJacob David has been an ardent supporter of Children based non-profit sites for several years like UNICEF, Operation Smile, Doctors without Borders, Empower Orphans, Kids Against Hunger, Samaritan’s Purse, Hand of Hope, and several others which inspired him to start his own non-profit.


Inspiration: Jacob David says, “Growing up in India, two stark images still stand out in my mind. I was about 10 years old. I had gone to attend a wedding. After the wedding, I was standing outside the hall. I saw the servants throw the left over food (that the guests ate) into open trash receptacles (concrete rings). Immediately about 10 children ran to that trash can and took those plates out and began to eat on the street. Along side, stray dogs ate with them. The second stark image is of a kid drinking water from a puddle in the road. It had rained the last hour. A kid drank straight up from the puddle in the road and went back to playing. These images haunt me. We would not dream of a life such as this for our children, will you? In 2010, I saw a video on YouTube that inspired me to take action. Kids in Philippines as young as 5 years old were sifting through a landfill to collect recyclable items. They were walking without proper shoes, torn clothes among the toxic fumes of the landfill, filled with garbage, dead animals, burning tires, toxic chemicals, disposable syringes, and broken glass. Watching the video created a sense of urgency in me. We would not let our children to pick trash in a landfill. Why must these children be any different? Just because they have no parents is no way for these kids to live their childhood in utter poverty and hardship. It jump started in me the need to start a non-profit. To see the video,  the same one I watched, that inspired me to take action, it is by globalvideopro, please click to play: Note: We are not affiliated with this video or organization in any way. Video length: 3:51 seconds.

  “I have wanted to start my own profit since watching this video when God put this desire and dream in my heart.  I kept thinking about the enormity of the project. I knew it was a God size dream, his heart to help the neglected children of this world. Our education and earnings are God’s blessings. We have to use them to help the world’s most destitute children. Help change their tears into joy. Hence I have been thinking of a name these last 2 years. The simplest name I could come up with is Happy Children, Happy World. I hope we can (all my friends) do something to change this world forever to make it a world safe for children where they can be happy growing up. Thank you!” What of the teeming millions of children out there who do not have a voice?  Happy Children Happy World aims to be their voice. Please help us with your donations, so we can change the lives of children across the globe, starting here in America.


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